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The wind farm must continue to operate between minimum and maximum voltage limits.  Usually, this is stated as steady-state quantities; though short-term limits are not unknown (i.e. a wider range may apply for a limited duration).

The wind farm must also continue to operate between minimum and maximum frequency limits. Often there is a range which applies continuously, and several further more extreme short-term ranges.

In systems with relatively high wind penetration, a common requirement is for wind farms to continue to operate during severe system disturbances, during which the voltage can drop to very low levels for very short periods of time. This is termed fault ride-through (FRT) or low voltage ride-through. The requirements can be complex, and depend on the technical characteristics of the electricity system. Proving compliance with the requirements may be difficult and costly.

It is feasible to use wind turbines that do not comply with FRT requirements, but to meet these requirements by installing additional equipment at turbine level, or centrally within the wind farm, which can produce or consume reactive power.

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