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Current Effort from the Private Sector

Collecting and analysing the available information on R&D investment from wind turbine and component manufacturers is far from straightforward. Some manufacturers merge figures for wind into their overall R&D investment data, whereas data from other manufacturers is not available for public consultation.

Figures for 2006 are available for some wind turbine manufacturers, making a total of EUR186 million – 65 per cent of TPWind requirements. This figure does not, however, include all manufacturers or sub-suppliers. The ratio of R&D expenditure to net sales varies significantly, from 0.4 to 3.1 per cent. Clipper Windpower (89 per cent) is an exception, as the manufacturing capacity is located in the US.

Table 7.1: R&D Investment by the Private Sector 

    R&D investment Net sales R&D/
net  ratio
Company Country 2006 2006 2006 2005
    €m €m
Acciona Spain 22.60
6,272 0.4 0.1
Gamesa Spain 33.12 2,391 1.4 1.6
Nordex Germany 11.25 514 2.2 2.9
Repower Systems Germany 14.02 459 3.1 3.1
Vestas Wind Systems Denmark 88.60 3,854 2.3 2.4
Nordex Germany 11.25 514 2.2 2.9
Clipper Windpower UK 5.33 6 88.8 193.0

Source: TPWind
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