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The measures adopted so far in Portugal in relation to renewable energy constitute a comprehensive policy mix, complete with monitoring system. Between 1997 and 2004, Portugal has moved further away from its RES-E target. Due to the fact that this target is not entirely realistic, since it was based on the exceptional hydropower performance of 1997, Portugal is not expected to reach its target, even if measures are successful.


In Portugal, the following measures have been taken to stimulate the uptake of RES-E:

  • Fixed FITs per kWh exist for PV, wave energy, small hydro, wind power, forest biomass, urban waste and biogas.
  • Tendering procedures were used in 2005 and 2006 in connection with wind and biomass installations.
  • Investment subsidies up to 40 per cent can be obtained.
  • Tax reductions are available. The Decreto Lei 33-A/2005 has introduced new FITs as listed in Table I.19.

Table I.19: Key Support Schemes for RES-E in Portugal

Technology Duration 2004 2006[4]
fixed fixed fixed
years €/MWh €/MWh
Photovoltaics < 5kW 15 450 450
Photovoltaics > 5kW 245 10
Wave   247 n.a.
Small hydro < 10 MW 78 75
Wind   90[5] 74
Forest biomass   78 110
Urban waste   70 75
Biogas   n.a. 102


The RES-E target to be achieved by Portugal in 2010 is 39 per cent of gross electricity consumption. Portugal, which nearly met its RES-E target for 2010 in 1997, has now moved further away from this target. A sharp decline between 38.5 per cent in 1997 to only 23.84 per cent in 2004 was observed.

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